Natura Siberica Northern Collection for dry and sensitive skin

Natura Siberica Northern Collection

In the past year, the offer of  new brands in our drugstores expanded beyond my wildest dreams. These new brands offer variability that we so desperately needed – now everyone can find the products most appropriate for their skin. I recently tested products from Natura Siberica Northern Collection for dry and sensitive skin that are already available in our drugstores. In this post, I’ll tell you all about the new micellar water, cleansing butter and face mask from the line that is mainly based on active charcoal, different herbs and oils. They also offer a white line, made with white clay, which is more suited for normal skin.

Natura Siberica Northern Collection

I won’t be listing all of the ECO certifications that were awarded to Natura Siberica – that list would be far too long. But I am excited that each of the products contains a large share of ingredients from ecological farming. I think that with time, that will require more and more of our attention. I’m not denying the fact that I also use products that don’t follow that specific idea – especially in the area of products with “hardcore” active ingredients. But if I can get through basic cleansing and nurturing of my skin with natural products, that makes me really happy.

Natura Siberica Northern Collection – black cleansing butter

Natura Siberica Northern Collection

Let’s start with the product that impressed me the most – black cleansing butter. I’ve mainly been using only oil-based products for first cleanse for some time now, since they turned out to be the most efficient. Formulated with activated charcoal, flax seeds, various and various oils, it makes for a really quality product. I scoop some butter out with my finger – you don’t need a whole lot to get your entire face clean. I apply it to moist face, gently rub it around and use a washcloth to take it all off. It also works well to remove eye make-up, but there I recommend applying it to your eyes and waiting for about 20 seconds before removing with a washcloth or cotton round. That way the butter will really do its job and you won’t have to be rough on your eyes.

Natura Siberica Northern Collection

Active charcoal in the butter certainly does it job but it’s also quite stripping, meaning that I really have to apply a bit more hydration to my face after using it. But this cleansing effect is important in battling impurities so it definitely serves a purpose.

The pot is massive, contains 120ml of product (14,90€) and I’m sure it will last me a good three, four months. I like that the consistency is actually buttery, meaning I can get out exactly the right amount and not waste any product. Comparing it with Clinique Take The Day Off Balm, I prefer this texture. With the latter, I often get out chunks that are way to big and therefore waste some every day, which adds up. The price is also much more consumer friendly.

Natura Siberica Northern Collection – Black cleansing mask

Natura Siberica Northern Collection

This mask is formulated with activated charcoal and rosemary. I was quite surprised when I first used it since it has a warming effect to the skin which starts happening almost immediately when you put the mask on. The first time I used it I didn’t enjoy it at all, since I feared that the mask will drip from my face. Well, that didn’t happen – the formula is thick enough that it stays in place. The main benefit of this warming effect is that the mask doesn’t dry up at all and hence keeps actively working all the time while it’s on your face.

Natura Siberica Northern Collection

I don’t expect miracles from such masks like rejuvenated or significantly different skin, but masks have been and remain an important part of my beauty routine. I will probably be using this mask more in the winter months – right now, with the current temperatures, I don’t really enjoy the warming effect. There are 80ml in the bottle for RRP of 9,90€.

Natura Siberica Northern Line cleansing micellar water with activated charcoal

Natura Siberica Northern Collection

I can’t deny the interesting look of this micellar water – once you shake it up, it turns dark gray because of all the charcoal in it. But I was least impressed with it out of all the products. I think that for 9,90 €, it’s just not that special. It didn’t remove all my make-up and didn’t feel like much for second cleanse. I now use it for cleaning my face in the morning but I don’t notice much difference from other, cheaper products. I personally wouldn’t purchase this product.

If you’re one of those looking to include more natural products with ecologically produced ingredients into your skincare, I suggest you look into Natura Siberica. If you want to try one product first, I suggest starting with the cleansing butter since it’s really excellent and does it job superbly.

Until next time, stay beautiful!

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