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About a week ago, I wrote a post about my favorite international YouTubers (*you can read it here*) that was very well received. So today, I’m continuing on this path with a post about my favorite Slovenian YouTube creators. These are girls that I know in real life so it would be a bit unjust (and also extremely difficult for me) to rank them best to last – they are all winners in my book. If I ever decide to venture into the world of YouTube, it will be because they inspire me so much


Tamara is a relaxed girl from Slovenian coast that always makes me laugh when I scrolling through her videos. She likes testing new things and sharing her opinions, she does unboxings and shows us her purchases and at the same time, she also tackled some fun challenges. She is relaxed and her true self in front of the camera – if you’re looking for someone with the perfect background and some who is always picture-perfect, then Tamara is not the one for you. But if you’re looking for some real honesty and energy, I’d highly recommend her to you.


Ajda is a person who does everything in her life extremely professionally. If you already follow her on any social media, you must know that. That professional attitude can also be felt in her YouTube channel which only holds a handful of videos, but every single one of them is worth your time. We can watch Ajda travel right now, but I’m hoping for some more beauty videos soon.


Nina is a MUA in real life so it’s no surprise that you’ll find a bunch of really good tricks and tips for perfect make-up in her videos. I love that she uses different brands of all prices ranges because that’s something I try to achieve on my blog. I really love watching Nina’s videos in the evening because of her soothing voice – a perfect ending to the day. If I ever need a MUA to do my make-up, Nina is definitely the first person I’ll turn to!


I sure can’t miss putting Gabi on this list. She used to post quite seldom, but recently she’s been really active so I’m happy to recommend her channel. I like that she covers different topics that may not be very conventional (plaque removal or SPF reviews). Her videos are well planned meaning you’ll get a ton of information in a short period of time. Since I don’t have the time to spend hours in front of my computer, I find her way of doing videos great.


Katja is the one that posts most frequently on her YouTube channel from all beauties mentioned above. You’ll find different tutorials on her channel, ranging from those for beginners to some more complex. Her videos are done without a voiceover which might trouble you a bit if you’re new to make-up but I don’t see it as a problem. Don’t forget to check out the challenges she does with her boyfriend!

Until next time, stay beautiful!

Today, I’m in the mood for something different. This is a very popular topic in the beauty community – which Youtube beauty vloggers do we watch, who has the scoop on the newest items in the market, who is lying and who is telling the truth, whom do we trust and why. I don’t like repeating myself too often so here they are – my top 5 foreign beauty Youtubers. I’m also planning a post about my favorite Slovenian beauty Youtubers very soon. Hopefully, you’ll find someone new to enjoy in my top picks.

5th place: Zabrena

This beautiful redhead provides great make-up looks, especially ON POINT eyeshadows. She also provides I believe are honest reviews of trendy make-up products. You should also check out her Frugal Fridays series for some great tips to save money. Zabrena’s videos are never too long and rarely exceed 10 minutes, so she’s often my little make-up fix while I’m waiting for the pasta to cook.

4th place: Gothamista

Gothamista is nothing but serious when it comes to skincare. She had problems with skin in her youth and since then, she’s been on the hunt for the best (luxury and drugstore) skincare products. She’s the one I trust the most on reviews for new skincare and Korean beauty. Throw a bit of DIY in the skincare department in there and voila – you’ve got a channel you should definitely check out before investing in that 70€ moisturizer.

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The title itself may suggest drama, but I promise you there will be no drama in this post. Throughout years of blogging, I’ve been noticing certain habits my fellow beauty bloggers have and I don’t – but perhaps I should? Let me know in the comments!

Morda naslov obeta dramo, vendar obljubim, da v tem zapisu drame ne boš našla. Gre za objavo o mojih opažanjih navad pri drugih lepotnih blogerkah, ki se jih sama ne držim – pa bi se jih morda morala? Vesela bom tvojega mnenja v komentarjih!


On beauty blogs, I’ll often see photos of products that haven’t been touched along with a long, nice review of the products. I’m not suggesting that these reviews are fake in any way. I know that the bloggers take photos of the products once they buy or receive them and before they start using them. I admit that I don’t have the patience for that so my photos often look like the one above. Do you find this OK or should I take photos of products before I start using them?

Na lepotnih blogih pogosto naletim na slike izdelkov, ki so še popolnoma nedotaknjeni, zraven pa je na dolgo in široko zapisano mnenje o izdelku samem. Sploh ne namigujem na to, da so ocene lažne – izdelke gotovo poslikajo, ko jih kupijo ali prejmejo in preden jih začno uporabljati. Priznam, sama za kaj takega nimam potrpljena, zato moje slike pogosto izgledajo tako, kot tale zgoraj. Je to OK ali bi morala slikati izdelke, še preden pričnem z njihovo uporabo?


I’ll occasionally share snippets of my personal life on Instagram Stories – a good pizza, a glass of wine, a captured moment with my boy or my dirty kitchen. But mostly, I keep the content beauty related. I see that my fellow colleagues try and capture as many moments as possible through their phone cameras – cooking, shopping, work activities, driving, watching a football game and so forth. I love looking at these and I wonder – would you like it if I did the same and took you along with me every day?

S teboj na Instagramu v Insta Stories občasno delim kakšen utrinek iz svojega zasebnega življenja – dobro pico, kozarec vina, ujet trenutek z mojim sinčkom ali pa umazano kuhinjo. Večinoma pa so moja družbena omrežja še vedno posvečena lepotnim tematikam. Vidim, da kolegice vestno spremljajo svoj vsakdan skozi telefonsko kamero – kuhanje, nakupovanje, službene obveznosti, vožnjo, spremljanje nogometne tekme in še in še. Tudi sama jih z veseljem pogledam in se sprašujem – bi ti bilo všeč, če bi lahko tako pokukala tudi v moj vsakdan? View Full Post