Beautiful Bloggers MeetUp Nika Veger

The day of Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp is one of the days I look forward to the most during the entire year. A day spent with incredible girls, many of whom I call friends, talking, trying out new cosmetics, gossip, good food, great lectures and amazing energy. This year, Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp was organized for the third time in a row and as always, I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Thank you Nika (Beautyfull Blog) for all your efforts and for making it an amazing experience! Also big thanks to Peter Poles who made sure that the conference stayed on schedule and entertained us with his quick thinking and witty comebacks throughout the day.

Today, I want to show you a bit of what was happening throughout the day and talk about it. Tomorrow, I’ll already show you the gifts we brought back home and what I’ll be testing throughout the next couple of months.

Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp ~ morning

Melvita breakfast Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp

We were greeted at the conference by Melvita. They armed us with great and super useful goodie bags and also prepared breakfast for us.

Beautiful Bloggers MeetUp Irena Dezelak

After quick chit-chat and hugs, it was time for the first lecture of the day. Irena Deželak talked to us about our feelings, motives and goals for our blogs, as well as our personal responsibility toward our audience. I’ve hear lectures similar to this quite a few times now but they always get under my skin, so I found it to be the perfect start to the morning.

Beautiful Bloggers MeetUp Tesa Jurjasevic

After a quick chit-chat with Tesa Jurjaševič about what it means to be a blogger and the new Vichy ambassador…

Beautiful Bloggers MeetUp Lena Gregorcic

… we headed into a different hall for the second lecture of the day by Lena Gregorčič. Lena is a SEO expert and this was her second time giving lecture at BBMU conference. I think that she did a wonderful job and my notebook is filled with things I need to check, additional questions and topics that probably need my attention. View Full Post

Youtube slovenske ustvarjalke

About a week ago, I wrote a post about my favorite international YouTubers (*you can read it here*) that was very well received. So today, I’m continuing on this path with a post about my favorite Slovenian YouTube creators. These are girls that I know in real life so it would be a bit unjust (and also extremely difficult for me) to rank them best to last – they are all winners in my book. If I ever decide to venture into the world of YouTube, it will be because they inspire me so much


Tamara is a relaxed girl from Slovenian coast that always makes me laugh when I scrolling through her videos. She likes testing new things and sharing her opinions, she does unboxings and shows us her purchases and at the same time, she also tackled some fun challenges. She is relaxed and her true self in front of the camera – if you’re looking for someone with the perfect background and some who is always picture-perfect, then Tamara is not the one for you. But if you’re looking for some real honesty and energy, I’d highly recommend her to you.


Ajda is a person who does everything in her life extremely professionally. If you already follow her on any social media, you must know that. That professional attitude can also be felt in her YouTube channel which only holds a handful of videos, but every single one of them is worth your time. We can watch Ajda travel right now, but I’m hoping for some more beauty videos soon.


Nina is a MUA in real life so it’s no surprise that you’ll find a bunch of really good tricks and tips for perfect make-up in her videos. I love that she uses different brands of all prices ranges because that’s something I try to achieve on my blog. I really love watching Nina’s videos in the evening because of her soothing voice – a perfect ending to the day. If I ever need a MUA to do my make-up, Nina is definitely the first person I’ll turn to!


I sure can’t miss putting Gabi on this list. She used to post quite seldom, but recently she’s been really active so I’m happy to recommend her channel. I like that she covers different topics that may not be very conventional (plaque removal or SPF reviews). Her videos are well planned meaning you’ll get a ton of information in a short period of time. Since I don’t have the time to spend hours in front of my computer, I find her way of doing videos great.


Katja is the one that posts most frequently on her YouTube channel from all beauties mentioned above. You’ll find different tutorials on her channel, ranging from those for beginners to some more complex. Her videos are done without a voiceover which might trouble you a bit if you’re new to make-up but I don’t see it as a problem. Don’t forget to check out the challenges she does with her boyfriend!

Until next time, stay beautiful!

Če spremljaš moj Instagram, potem veš, da sem ljubiteljica vsega lepega. Tu ne govorimo samo o lepi šminki ali lepih in zdravih laseh, ampak tudi o lepem plašču, torbici, nalivniku, skodelici in vsem drugem, s čimer lepoto vnašam v svoje življenje. Pomemben del tega je tudi nakit. Pri tem izredno rada podpiram slovenske ustvarjalce, saj menim, da v naši deželici pod Alpami mladi umetniki z zanosom ustvarjajo izdelke, na katere bi morali biti ponosni vsi.

Izredno sem bila torej vesela, ko mi je Mateja, ustvarjalka pod imenom Vila Perlica, poslala ličen paketek, v katerem sta se skrivala prstan in verižica z medaljonom s stekleno kapljico. Oba sta z menoj preživela poletje in uspešno prestala tudi nekaj testov z dežjem in otroškimi prstki, zato ti jih danes z veseljem predstavljam, saj lahko iz prve roke potrdim, da sta resnično kakovostna.

Vila Perlica spletno stran najdeš *tu*, Mateja pa svoje čudovite izdelke redno predstavlja tudi na svoji Facebook strani – *tu*.


Sem že omenila, da je vsaka verižica z medaljonom unikat? Sama sem pri nakitu izbirčna in se mi zdi pomembno, da ne nosim enakega, kot vsaka druga ženska na cesti. Vsa stekelca na medaljonih so ročno barvana z različnimi barvami in laki. Mateja pri delu uporablja prahce, bleščice in druge snovi, s katerimi ustvarja posebne efekte, kot so prelivanje in spreminjanje barv.

Tudi poslikava je narejena ročno – si prestavljaš, kako mirno roko mora imeti ustvarjalka za kaj takega? Ker je tako stekelce kot vzorec ročno delo, pomeni, da je vsak izdelek neponovljiv in edinstven – takšen, kot si verjetno želi biti vsaka od nas.

Verižica je dolga 50 cm, kar se mi zdi ravno dovolj. Medaljon lahko seveda prestaviš tudi na drugo verižico, v kolikor bi ti bolj ustrezalo, jaz pa ga bom pustila kar na tej, saj se mi zdi ravno pravšnja glede na velikost medaljona.  View Full Post