top 20 X-mas gifts under 20€

Today, I won’t bore you with long and detailed introductions. I know that most of us don’t have any trouble finding the presents for our loved ones, but sometimes we need some help. So today, I want to give you some ideas with 5 gifts for him, her, home and beauty ~ all under 20 €. Of course, I’m dying to know if you’ve found any cool gifts this year yourself ~ please, let me know in the comments below! So here they are – top gifts under 20€.

top 20 X-mas gifts under 20€ – for her

#1 – Broškolini hand made pin (Smile Concept Store, around 14€)

top 20 X-mas gifts under 20€ Broskolini Smile Concept Store

#2 – Flower Vase for a bicycle (Flat Concept Store, around 16€)

top 20 X-mas gifts under 20€ flower vase for bike

#3 Shopping Tote by Loqi (1001 dar, around 10€)

top 20 X-mas gifts under 20€ Loqi bag

#4 Unique Ring Holder (Flat Concept store, around 15€)

top 20 X-mas gifts under 20€ Ring holder

#5 Coffee sign (Les Stilldeco, around 13€)

top 20 X-mas gifts under 20€ coffee sign

top 20 X-mas gifts under 20€ – for him

#1 Book about hygge and happier living (Mladinska knjiga, 20€)

top 20 X-mas gifts under 20€ hygge mladinska knjiga View Full Post

advent calendars

This year, the advent calendar madness started early and caught me off guard. Last year, I wrote my post on advent calendars in November and got much criticism about being way to late – so this year I’m super early. Down below, you can check out some of the advent calendars that caught my eye this time around. This post may contain some spoilers!

ASOS (, 74€)


Asos advent calendar will most likely be the one I get for myself this year. There are some really cool brands in there that I’m looking forward to trying out, such as Starskin, Smasbox, Cowshed, Carmex and so forth. It’s easy on the eyes and also has a special surprise in the last window. Inside, you’ll find a code for 20 % off your next purchase which may come handy during the year.

THE BODY SHOP (50€ for 24 Days of Beauty)

Word on the street is that The Body Shop is finally coming to our beautiful little Slovenia and I really hope it happens before December. The rest of you can probably get in online. They have a couple of advent calendars available, the cheapest one will cost about 50 €. I really like Body Shop as a brand and I think that advent calendars are a great way of sampling different products, making future purchases much more simple. Am I right or am I right? View Full Post

beauty product wishlistAnother month had gone by, my mailbox is full of PR and my fellow bloggers are writing such yummy posts that it’ll probably be difficult for me to resist a bit of shopping. Naturally, I don’t need all these things, but it’s nice to pamper yourself once in a while, don’t you agree? If you haven’t already, don’t forget to participate in my giveaway with Nivea Slovenija that’s currently running on my Facebook. You and two of your friends can win great hand creams, great for the coming cold autumn days.

Caudalie French Kiss balm (12,49 €, 7,5g)

caudalie vivaderm french kiss balm beauty product wishlist

I really like Caudalie as a brand and they always surprise me with great new products. This time, my radar picked up the French Kiss lip balms with antioxidants from grape seeds that offer moisture and protection to our lips. I like the darkest shadde, Additiction, the best.

Natura Siberica Cleansing foam (7,04€, 150ml)

beauty product wishlist natura siberica cleansing foam

Natura Siberica is a brand I haven’t tried yet, but I guess I’ll have to considering the recommendations by Monika from Sugarlove blog. The cleansing foam with golden root has antioxidative effect and is supposed to be super gentle to the skin around our eyes. Since I have really thin skin around my eyes (as most people do) and seeing tha I just ran out of my last make-up remover, I’ll probably give this foam a try.

Tonymoly Panda’s Dream White Sleeping Pack (okrog 13€, 50g)

beauty product wishlist tony moly pandas dream

Tonymoly is a Korean brand with the cutest packagings – I admit that I buy half of their products based on looks alone. This moisturizer contains bamboo extracts that moisturize the skin and have a brigtening effect. I have nothing but good experience with Asian skincare so I’ll probably enjoy this one as well (also, it comes highly recommended by Mateja from Mateja’s beauty blog). View Full Post