Avon Mark Liquid Lip Lacquers

Avon Mark Liquid Lip Lacquer in shine and matte versions are the latest edition to the Avon Mark family. I’ve heard that they’re bringing them out about two months ago and I was super excited when a PR package appeared at my doorstep. I received three liquid lip lacquers, two matte and one shine. Today, I’m ready to share my experience with them.

Packaging and price

Avon Mark Liquid Lip Lacquers


The packaging is quite basic, but practical. The bottom is see-through meaning you can see the color of the lacquer. The top is a matte black for the matte versions and shiny black for the shine version of the lip lacquer. I think that’s a nice touch. At the bottom of the bottle, you’ll find the name of the color, as per usual with Avon lipsticks.

Each bottle holds 7ml of products which is quite a lot. In Slovenia, they’ll sell for 9,50€ but in the current catalogue, they’re reduced to 4,90 € so it’s a great chance to get some if you like them.

Color range

Avon Mark Liquid Lip Lacquers

While the colors are pretty basic, there isn’t a specific shade I’d personally miss. There are 10 matte and 10 shine shades available so I’m sure that you’ll find something for yourself. To see all the shades, check out the review by Petra *here*.

Application and texture

Avon Mark Liquid Lip Lacquers swatches

Left to right: Dare to be bare (matte), Orange you happy (matte) and Lacquered up (shine)

The formula of both shine and matte version of Avon Liquid Lip Lacquer is quite thick and opaque. Matte lacquers have a mousse consistency and apply really nicely to the lips. The feeling is not uncomfortable, there is no tugging on the lips and the wear time is decent, although they will not survive a greasy pizza or a night of cocktails. On the other hand, the Shine lacquers have a heavier, more sticky formula that is really pigmented but also sits on the lips and gives them that heavy feeling. Although it’s not as shiny as putting on a lip gloss, you still have to be careful as they tend to transfer and can (probably will) end up on your teeth. So I do suggest a mirror check before leaving the house. I’m not the biggest fan of this formula as it does take a lot of effort. Wear time depends on what you’ll be doing, of course, but they will not survive many tests, if any at all.

Avon Mark Liquid Lip Lacquer

Another problem I faced with both matte and liquid lacquers is that the wand picks up a lot of product. That can be solved by wiping away the access at the bottle top but that needs to be done carefully as it will gather in there and eventually create a real mess. After a week or so, I used a cue tip to clean up around the edges of the bottle top to ensure reduced build-up. The other problem I’m facing with these lip lacquers is the slightly frayed applicator which makes precise application somewhat difficult, but not impossible. I absolutely suggest using a lip liner with the shine lacquers!


As mentioned, I received two matte shades. The first one is a nice mauve nude – Avon Mark Liquid Lip Lacquer Matte in the shade Dare to be bare.

Avon Mark Liquid Lip Lacquer Dare To be bare matte

Avon Mark Liquid Lip Lacquer Dare To be bare matte

The second is also a matte lip lacquer in a lovely orange shade named Orange you happy. It’s a pretty subtle orange shade which I’ll probably wear more during the summer.

Avon Mark Liquid Lip Lacquer Orange you happy matte

Avon Mark Liquid Lip Lacquer Orange you happy matte

The third shade I received is the Avon Mark Liquid Lip Lacquer shine in the shade Lacquered up. It’s quite a vibrant red with strong pink undertones – totally a color I’d wear during the summer.

Avon Mark Liquid Lip Lacquer Lacquered up shine

Avon Mark Liquid Lip Lacquer Lacquered up shine

Final thoughts

If you’re a fan of liquid lipsticks, I definitely recommend you get some of these new Avon Mark Lip Lacquers. They are quite different, the price is sensible and especially the matte formula very pleasant on the lips. I’ll probably be getting some more darker matte lacquers to include in my collection but I’ll skip on the shine lacquers because I’m quite messy when it comes to my lips and it would probably end up everywhere. If you have the patience and are careful enough, then you should totally get some shine lacquers as well.

Until next time, stay beautiful!



As mentioned on Monday, I split these empties into two parts so they are more manageable. You can read the first part about hair care and body care *here*, if you’re interested. Today, let’s start with the cleansers. I used up a whole bunch of cleansers. I can’t believe that used up the Biobaza 3in1 make-up removal and hydration cream – more than half a liter! It did a good job at removing my make-up. I would not purchase it again, because I prefer to try more different products (it took me more than 6 months to use this up!), but it’s really good value for money! I didn’t like the Neutrogena Hydro boost micellar water. It really burned my eyes and wasn’t all that successful at removing make-up. I talked about the Ole Henriksen African red tea foaming cleanser before *here* – it’s rich in antioxidants, smells amazing and leaves me feeling rejuvenated. A product I’d definitely repurchase. Last but not least, I tried the Real Chemistry Luminous 3 minute peel. Normally, I would try it on my face, but I tried it on my hand and it started peeling so terribly that I didn’t dare put it on my face. I don’t think I’d get this because it would scare me to death.

Kot sem omenila že v ponedeljek, sem tokrat objavo o izpraznjenih izdelkih razdelila na pol, sicer bi bila dolga kot maturantski esej. Prvi del o izdelkih za nego las in telesa si lahko prebereš *tu*. Danes začniva z izdelki za čiščenje obraza, ki sem jih porabila kar nekaj. Še sama težko verjamem, da sem do konca porabila Biobaza 3v1 odstranjevalec ličil in hidratantno kremo. V steklenički ga je namreč krepko čez pol litra, zato sem ga uporabljala več kot pol leta. Make-up je dobro odstranil, oči me niso skelele, tako da nimam bistvenih pritožb. Sama bi se naslednjič odločila za kakšnega drugega, vendar samo zato, ker rada uporabljam različne izdelke. Če iščeš najboljše razmerje med ceno in kakovostjo, je to vsekakor super izbira. Neutrogena Hydro Boost micelarna vodica mi ni bila všeč, ker me je pekla v očeh in ni bila prav nič učinkovita pri odstranjevanju ličil. O Ole Henriksen African Read Tea foaming cleanserju sem govorila že *tu*. Gre za izdelek, bogat z antioksidanti, ki ima čudovit vonj in mojo kožo pusti popolnoma prerojeno. Vsekakor izdelek, ki bi ga ponovno kupila. Preizkusila sem tudi Real Chemistry Luminous 3 minutni piling. Običajno bi izdelek nanesla neposredno na kožo obraza, tega pa sem najprej preizkusila na roki. Ker se mi je koža začela v trenutku obupno luščiti, si ga nisem upala nanesti na kožo. Ker sem prevelika reva, tega izdelka ne bi ponovno kupila. View Full Post

translucent powders

At least once a month I get asked a question regarding translucent powders that are intended as the finishing touch over your entire make-up. These powders are supposed to mattify the skin and prolong the wear of your make-up while giving the skin a softer and flawless appearance. There are countless translucent powders in the market and the quality varies so I decided to write a short post about my personal favorite translucent powders which might come in handy.

Mislim, da vsaj enkrat mesečno odgovarjam na vprašanja, povezana s t.i. translucent pudri, torej brezbarvnimi pudri v prahu, ki so namenjeni zaključku videza in nanosu preko tekoče podlage in drugih kremnih izdelkov. Ti pudri so namenjeni matiranju kože in podaljševanju obstojnosti ličil, koži pa dajo brezhiben videz. Na trgu jih je res ogromno in kakovost je zelo različna, zato sem se odločila, da napišem hitro objavo, ki ti bo morda pomagala pri izbiri novega pudra. 

translucent powders

Personally, I like the translucent powder to be very finely mild, mattify the skin and at the same time live up to the name translucent. Some (like the Trend It Up powder) leave a white cast over the face which can make you look unhealthy, even slightly gray. I try to stay away as far as possible from powders like that.

Meni osebno je pri brezbarvnih pudrih v prahu pomembno, da so resnično drobno mleti, po nanosu kožo matirajo, hkrati pa so neopazni. Nekateri (na primer Trend it Up puder v kamnu) namreč na obrazu pustijo rahlo sled belega prahu, zaradi česar cel obraz izgleda nezdrav, morda celo nekoliko siv. Takšnim pudrom se izogibam v širokem loku.


translucent powders RCMA No-color powder

I waited a long time to finally get my hands on the RCMA No-color powder. The texture of this powder is incredibly soft so it’s very easy to blend out and completely translucent when applied correctly. It gives the skin a nice appearance, blurs the fine lines and mattifies well. The price is great considering you’re gettting a hefty 85g of product. RCMA is the only powder in my collection that can compete with Laura Mercier translucent powder when it comes to setting the under-eye area. The only negative is the packaging – as you can see I’ve already broken the lid off mine meaning I can no longer travel with it.

Dolgo, dolgo sem čakala, da sem končno v last dobila svoj RCMA No-color powder. Tekstura je izredno mehka, zato se ga povsem enostavno zabriše. Ob pravilnem nanosu je povsem brezbarven. Ustvari lep videz kože, nekoliko zabriše gubice, prav tako pa lepo matira. Glede na to, da dobiš kar 85g izdelka, je cena nadvse ugodna. RCMA je v moji kolekciji edini, ki se lahko za fiksiranje korektorja pod očmi kosa z odličnim Laura Mercier brezbarvnim pudrom. Edini minus je embalaža – kot vidiš, sem na svojem že odlomila pokrovček, zato z njim ne morem več potovati.


translucent powders Laura Mercier translucent loose setting powder

This is a really expensive translucent powder, but worth every cent in my opinion. Because of its price, I only use it over the eyes (except for special occasions). With every use, I can be 100 % sure that the concealer won’t settle into my fine lines which is what I expect from this powder. It has a slight yellow undertone so it can slightly darken up any illuminating concealer, but the difference is negligible. If you’re looking to invest into a good translucent powder, this would be my recommendation. The packaging is simple – I turn the closed jar upside down, shake it once or twice, turn over again and open. There is just enough powder on the sifter for both under-eye area with that particular method of use.

Izredno drag brezbarvni puder, ki pa je po mojem mnenju vreden vsakega centa. Ravno zaradi njegove cene ga (razen za posebne priložnosti) uporabljam le pod očmi. Ob vsaki uporabi sem lahko 100 % prepričana, da se mi korektor ne bo usedel v drobne gubice pod očmi, kar je tisto, kar od tega brezbarvnega pudra tudi pričakujem. Ima nekoliko rumenega podtona, zato posvetlitveni korektor lahko nekoliko potemni, vendar pa je razlika minimalna. V kolikor želiš investirati v res dober brezbarven puder, ti ga vsekakor priporočam. Embalaža je povsem enostavna – zaprt lonček obrnem na glavo, enkrat potresem, nato pa obrnem v pravo smer in odprem, pa se na “cedilu” (torej tistem luknjastem pokrovčku) nahaja dovolj izdelka za fiksiranje obeh oči.


translucent powders paese cosmetics rice powder

Paese cosmetics Rice Powder is the first rice powder I ever used so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. The formula is dry and a bit crumbly, so it’s a bit more difficult to apply as the RCMA and Laura Mercier that are both more compact. Regardless, it gives the skin a nice finish and is easy to blend out. The sifter is a bit different than in other packagings – you can turn it around and literally close the entire jar, for example before traveling. That way, you can make sure you won’t find the entire 15g on the top of the sifter once you open it again. I would recommend this powder for normal or dry skin, but I have a feeling it could potentially bunch up on really oily skin.

Paese puder je bil moj čisto prvi rižev puder, zato nisem vedela, kaj lahko od njega pričakujem. Je izjemno suh in drobljiv, zato se ga nekoliko težje nanaša, kot RCMA in Laura Mercier pudra, ki sta malenkost bolj kompaktna. Kljub temu ustvari lep videz kože in se ga enostavno zabriše. Cedilo v embalaži je nekoliko drugačno, saj se lahko z obračanjem pokrovčka zapira in odpira – na ta način ga lahko recimo pred potovanjem zapreš in s tem poskrbiš, da ob naslednji uporabi na vrhu ne bo preveč pudra. Priporočala bi ga predvsem za normalno ali suho kožo.


translucent powders Avon Mark

Avon set a new high with the Mark line and their HD finishing powder is no exception to this rule. I use this powder daily for my under-eye area, but I normally don’t use it all over the face because it’s a bit more difficult to blend it out and can leave a slight white cast. The packaging is OK – it has the same sifter as Laura Mercier or Paese – just close it, turn it around, shake a couple of times, turn again and open. The powder should be waiting for you on top of the sifter. I prefer this way of getting it out as opposed to sifting it directly into my hand. I feel that would use up more product and create a big old mess.

Avon je z Mark linijo resnično dosegel nov nivo kakovosti in njihov HD finishing powder ni nobena izjema. Tudi tega za vsak dan uporabljam pod očmi, nekoliko redkeje pa po celem obrazu, saj se malce težje zabriše, prav tako pa se mi zdi, da pusti malenkost belega filma. Enako kot Paese in Laura Mercier ima tudi Avon Mark puder luknjice v “cedilu” – izdelek zaprt obrnem naokrog, potresem, nato pa odprem in nanesem puder. Na ta način poskrbim, da ne ustvarjam nesnage in varčujem z izdelkom bolj, kot če bi ga skozi cedilo stresala direktno v roko, saj bi ga najbrž ven dobila preveč.

translucent powders

If I had to use only one translucent powder for the rest of my life (and someone else would pay for it), I would choose the Laura Mercier translucent loose setting powder, but to be honest, each of the powders above will work almost as great. The best price-performance ratio goes to RCMA which you can get through Beauty Bay. Of course, there are probably other great translucent powders out there I don’t know about yet – do you have any suggestions? Until next time, stay beautiful!

V kolikor bi se morala odločiti in celo življenje uporabljati samo še en brezbarvni puder (in bi mi ga kupoval kdo drug), bi seveda izbrala Laura Mercier translucent loose setting powder, vendar pa je prav vsak izmed navedenih dobra alternativa za pod očmi, najboljše razmerje med ceno in kakovostjo pa po mojem mnenju ponuja RCMA, ki je dostopen preko spletne trgovine Beauty Bay. Seveda dopuščam možnost, da na mojem radarju ni kakšnega drugega pudra, ki bi ga vsekakor morala preizkusiti – mi lahko ti priporočiš kakšnega? Do naslednjič, ostani čudovita!