This is a story about changing the perspective, or better said, perception of a brand. Until recently I always thought of Avon as a brand for older ladies who prefer to buy make-up and cosmetics out of the comfort of their own home. But then I stumbled upon their leave-in conditioner a couple of years back when I went on vacation without any and borrowed it from a friend. And guess what? I absolutely loved it! And a couple of weeks later I learned another piece of information – my mother-in-law is actually an “Avon lady”.

And yes, I started using a number of hair and body products from Avon but remained hesitant when it came to make-up. But again – I dove right in and this is the mini Avon haul from last week.

First up, I picked up a scented body spritz called Vibrant (orchid and blueberry). It has a very distinctive smell of alcohol when you first apply it but turns into a nice flowery smell afterwards. Being a body mist, it doesn’t last that long, so make sure you apply it right before you want to be smelling good. I found it especially refreshing during the last few warmer days when I needed to freshen up.

The story is similar with the Sparkly Citrus Eau de toilette. It has a verystrong citrusy smell in the beginning but it fades out quickly – on my skin, it only lasts about 2-3 hours. It would be a nice purse bottle if it only came with a cap. But it doesn’t so it’s impossible to carry around. This is also a negative from the aesthetical point of view – it doesn’t look very nice next to my other perfume bottles, so I will not be making a repeat purchase. I will be trying the Parisian Chic Eau de Perfume though, because the tester they sent me smells absolutely beautiful – it’s more of a flowery smell (to me, it smells like raspberries and roses), but I still think this could be my fall/winter smell for when I’m feeling a bit down. Do you have a pick-me-up scent?