Catrice vinyl vs. velvet collection limited edition

Catrice Vinyl vs. Velvet is a beautiful collection, inspired by the new trend of mixing and matching different finishes – vinyl and metalics on the eyes with matte lipsticks or vice versa. There are some gorgeous products in this line and I can’t wait to get my hands on some of these. Check out my favorites below.

Catrice vinyl vs velvet eyeshadow palette

There are two eyeshadow quads(6,29€) in this line. I will need to swatch them to make sure that it’s something I want in my collection, but I’m immediately drawn to the left one – Copper composition. If you’re into earthy tones, you’ll probably prefer the palette on the right, named Grunge In. I will say that the price is quite steep for Catrice but if the eyeshadows are good, I think it’s worth the money, especially since the packaging looks absolutely gorgeous – and I’m a sucker for that!

Catrice vinyl vs. velvet lip duo

There are two lipsticks in the collection – but not just any lipsticks. They are two-sided (5,69 €) – on one side, you’ll find a shiny lipstick and on the other a matte dust. You can use them together for a really opaque matte look or individually. I think it’s a really interesting idea and I’m curious as to how they’ll perform. The shades are Brown Either Or (left) and PaREDox (right). View Full Post

autumn beauty products

Today, I’d like to share 10 beauty products that are entering my skincare routine this autumn and that I’m personally very excited about.


autumn beauty products Vichy The Ordinary

Heating takes its toll on my skin and I often notice it becoming more dehydrated and the pores getting more and more enlarged – almost as if they’re trying to suck all the moisture out of the air? This year, I’ll be battling the dehydration with The Ordinary 2 % hyaluronic acid. This acid is normally present in our skin but we can replace it when we feel that our body cannot hold enough moisture. Don’t forget to lock it in place with an oil based product, be it a cream or a pure facial oil – my favorite right now is Yanumi! I’m also bringing back the Vichy Pore Purifying Clay Mask that comes in this nifty two-use packaging. It contains two mineral clays and I always feel like it sucks the impurities right off my face. I usually buy my Vichy products at the pharmacy.


autumn beauty products L'Occitane Terre de Lumiere L'Oreal Mythic Oil

L’Occitane is always present in my skincare. In autumn days, I prefer heavier scents and oily shower gel since I fell they give more moisture to my skin. This fall, I’ll be using the L’Occitane Terre de Lumiere shower gel that comes from the perfume line Terre de Lumiere. The perfume itself is a bit strong for me, but the shower gel and body lotion have a more gentle smell which is very pleaseant. Another product that is always in my routine is the L’Oreal Professionel Mythic Oil. I always apply some to my hair while they’re wet. Ocasionally, I’ll warm a few drops between my fingers and apply them to the ends of my hair when they feel particularly dry. After use, my hair are soft and shiny.


Catrice Brown Collection autumn beauty products

If you haven’t had enough of the Catrice Brown Collection polishes on my Instagram, here they are again. These are not colors that I’d wear in the summer but the earthy tones are perfect for fall and winter. I have three out of five shades in the collection – left to right they are 01 Fashion Addicted, 03 Goddess of Bronze and 02 Sophisticated Vogue. The formula is quite thick so one coat will do. I like that because it usually means my manicure will last a bit longer.


autumn beauty products Golden Rose Paese, Trend it Up, Physician's formula

I like my make-up to be a bit softer in the colder months. Although the Physician’s Formula MuruMuru Butter Bronzer smells like coconut and reminds me of summer, it’s still lighter then most of my bronzers and gives me that slightly sunkissed look. I’ll also be reaching for Golden Rose highlighting stick (Bright gold). This cream highlighter is really soft and blends out beautifully. If I’m going for a more striking look, I’ll apply it twice, but otherwise two gentle sweeps on top of the cheekbones will do the job. Don’t forget – always apply cream products before setting your face, otherwise it can look quite unnatural.

In the summer, I barely use any blush, but now the Trend It Up powder blush (020) is making a comeback to my everyday make-up routine. The formula of these blushes is great, very gentle and blends out nicely. On top of that, the price is great as well. Last but not least, let’s not forget about a good primer. I usually stay away from silicone primers in the summer (since they do nothing for wear time of my foundation), but I tend to like them in the colder months. Paese make-up base is the first one on my list. Paese is a polish brand that’s been impressing me with their products lately and this primer is definitely one of them!

autumn beauty products


autumn beauty products autumn lipstick colors

When speaking of autumn lips, I think of darker colors, but I also like to include at least one shade that I can just pop on and leave the building. This time, this will be the job of Avon lipstick (Extreme Mauve) which is a nice pink shade but not too crazy to wear around the office. Among reds, I chose the NYX Gloss (True Red). For special occasions and walks around town, I’ll go for the Catrice by Dawid Tomaszewski in the shade C01. These are great lipsticks for a great price!

autumn beauty products autumn lipstick colors

These are the products that I’m going to be using for the next couple of months. Have you tried any of them yet? I’d also love to hear about at least one product you cannot imagine autumn without. Until next time, stay beautiful!

Yesterday, I wrote all about my wish list from the new Essence launches – find that *here* – and today, I want to repeat the process and focus on the new Catrice products. Catrice is a sister brand to Essence and the prices are a bit higher. I must say that I don’t necessarily find the quality of the products to be better, but the packaging is usually a bit prettier and sturdier. Personally, I find Catrice to be targeted at a bit older generation while Essence also speaks to those who are only getting acquainted with make-up.

Včeraj sem se razgovorila o svoji listi želja iz prenove znamke Essence –  objava te čaka *tu*, danes pa ti z veseljem predstavljam še enak seznam izdelkov, ki jih želim iz nove kolekcije Catrice. Catrice je sestrska znamka  Essence in izdelki so običajno nekoliko dražji. Sama ne opažam toliko razlike pri sami kakovosti ličila, ampak bolj pri močnejših in bolj kompaktnih embalažah. Rekla bi, da je morda znamka Catrice namenjena nekoliko starejšim, medtem ko je Essence tudi za tiste, ki se z ličili šele spoznavajo.

All EYES on you

art_couleurs_paletteEssence brought the make-your-own palette concept to the market about six months ago and I was assuming something similar will happen with Catrice. The palette for four shades Art Couleurs (2,89€ for the palette and for each individual shadow) looks sexy and has that great click-in mechanism, meaning that you can swap the shadows when you please. I’ll get to choose among 15 different matte and shimmery shadows and three highlighting shadows. Seeing that I’m always struggling to find transition shades, I’ll probably go for matte 020 – MATTastic beig and 040 – Wild Ginger, paired with two darker shades such as 100 – Parisiens Lifestyle and 140 – Secrets of Le Chrome. But these are my guesses, I’ll have to see the palette in the flesh.

Pri Essence so že pred pol leta na trg pripeljali paletke, ki jih lahko sestaviš po svojih željah, sedaj pa smo to dočakali tudi pri Catrice. Paleta za štiri senčila Art Couleurs (2,89€ za paletko in za vsako posamično senčilo) izgleda seksi, všeč pa mi je tudi click-in mehanizem, ki omogoča enostavno menjavo senčil. Izbirala bom lahko med 15 mat in šimrastimi odtenki ter tremi senčili za osvetljevanje. Ker imam vedno težave pri iskanju barv za mehke prehode, se bom najverjetneje odločila za mat senčili 020 – MATTastic beige in 040 – Wild Ginger, zraven pa bom dodala še dve temnejši barvi, morda 100 – Parisiens Lifestyle in 140 – Secrets of Le Chrome. Seveda je to samo ugibanje, saj jih moram najprej videti v živo.  

Catrice precious chrome palette

There’s no doubt in my mind that I’ll buy The Ultimate Chrome Collection eyeshadow palette (5,29€) which is filled with metal and holographic eyeshadows. I don’t own a palette like this and most Catrice palettes have been really good to me lately.

Absolutno si bom privoščila tudi The Ultimate Chrome Collection paletko za oči (5,29€), ki je polna kovinskih in holografskih efektov. Takšne paletke še nimam v svoji zbirki, Catrice palete pa me (z nekaj izjemami) zadnje čase izredno navdušujejo.

Lovely LIPS

Among the new launches, the Metal Matte liquid lipsticks (4,69€) caught my eye first. They look a bit less agressive than the metallic liquid lipsticks from Essence that I talked about yesterday. They are supposed to leave the lips looking like they were dipped in metal dust but also promise a matte finish. The combination sounds interesting so I’ll definitely have to try them. I’m leaning towards the shads 020 – Frame of Roses and 040 – Blogger’s Favorite (obviously).

V prenovi mi je oči pritegnila linija Metal mat tekočih šmink (4,69€), ki delujejo manj agresivno kot metalik Essence šminke, ki sem jih predstavila včeraj. Te naj na ustnicah pustile vtis, kot da so bile potopljene v kovinskih prah, zaključek pa je mat. Kombinacija je slišati noro zanimiva, zato jih bom vsekakor preizkusila. Med odtenki imam ogledani predvsem 020 – Frame of roses in 040 – Blogger’s favorite (obviously).

Naturally, I can’t go without classic liquid matte lipsticks so I’ll probably try the Ultra Matte liquid lipsticks (4,29€). Hopefully, they won’t be too heavy on the lips and they’ll have good staying power. I’m still sticking to the classics when it comes to the shades, so I find 070 – Cafe Americano, Please and 090 – Spotted on Pink-erest the closest to my liking.

Ker pa brez klasičnih tekočih mat šmink še vedno ne gre, bom verjetno preizkusila tudi Ultra mat tekoče šminke (4,29€). Upam, da ne bodo pretežke in da bo obstojnost odlična. Pri odtenkih šmink se še vedno držim klasik, zato sta mi najbližje 070 – Cafe Americano Please in 090 – Spotted on Pink-erest.

Fabulous FACE

catrice prime and fine drops waterproofI probably spend more than half of my money with Catrice on face products. They have great liquid foundations, finishing powders and concealers which are a must in my collection and have been for years. This time, I’ll definitely try two new products. The first – Prime&Fine drops for liquid foundation – waterproof (3,79€) are supposed to transform the foundation from regular to a waterproof version. The second, Prime&Fine drops for liquid foundation – wake up (3,79€) are supposed to create a fresh face look when mixed in a foundation. It sounds promising enough to try out!

Več kot polovico vsega denarja, ki ga pustim znamki Catrice, lahko pripišem izdelkom za obraz. Odlične tekoče podlage, zaključni pudri in korektorji so že leta stalnica v moji zbirki. Tokrat bom vsekakor morala preizkusiti dva nova zanimiva izdelka – Kapljice Prime&Fine za tekoči puder – vodoobstojne (3,79€), ki naj bi tekoči puder iz običajnega spremenile v vodoodporni, in pa Kapljice Prime&Fine za tekoči puder – wake-up (3,79€), ki naj bi v kombinaciji s tekočo podlago ustvarile svež izgled kože. Slišati je obetavno, kako se bodo obnesle, pa bo pokazal šele kakšen konkreten test.

catrice strobing blush

In fall and winter, I tend to reach more into my blush drawer so I’ll probably afford myself another blush from the Strobing blushes (4,29€), most likely in the shade 030 – Mrs. Amber Brown (bottom right) since I don’t own a blush in those shades yet. Blushes are my guilty pleasure since I love buying them but most of the time look at them rather than actually use them.

Ker je jesen in zima tudi čas, ko bolj pogumno posegam po rdečilih za lica, si bom privoščila vsaj en odtenek novih Strobing rdečil (4,29€), najverjetneje v odtenku 030 –  Mrs. Amber Brown (spodaj desno), saj takšnega še nimam v svoji zbirki. Rdečila so sicer moj krivi užitek, saj jih neverjetno rada kupujem, nosim pa jih ne prepogosto – pogosteje jih samo gledam 🙂

Iconic NAILS

It’s no secret that I absolutely love the new ICONails nail polish line – read about it *here*. I always feel like I have way too many nail polishes in my collection so I avoid buying similar shades. I’ll have no problem this time since I don’t own anything like the shades in the Brown Collection (3,29€). I can’t even pick one as my favorite since they all look great. The chance that they’ll all end up in my collection is consequently quite large.

Da me nova linija lakov ICONails navdušuje, sem že poročala *tu*. Vedno se mi zdi, da imam lakov za nohte čisto preveč in se skušam izogniti nakupovanju podobnih odtenkov, tokrat pa ne bom imela težav, saj takšnih, kot se skrivajo v Brown Collection (3,29€) še nimam. Izmed vseh ne morem izbrati niti enega, ki bi ga lahko izpostavila kot najljubšega, saj so mi prav vsi čudoviti. Verjetnost, da bodo vsi pristali v moji zbirki, torej ni ravno majhna.

This is it for the quick update on the new Catrice and Essence lines. I tried to be as quick as possible with posting these so I hope you’ll find them useful before you head out and buy a ton of make-up for yourself. Keep your eyes open for the first reviews – they’re not far away! Until next time, stay beautiful!

To je torej to, kar se tiče mojih želja za nove Catrice (in Essence) izdelke. Res sem se potrudila obe objavi spisati čim hitreje in upam, da ti bosta v pomoč, ko se boš odločala pri nakupu. Kot sem na Facebooku omenila že včeraj, pa bo v kratkem potekala tudi nagradna igra s kakšnim novim izdelkom, pričakuješ pa lahko tudi prve ocene. Do takrat, ostani čudovita!