Lotique makeup eyeshadow palette and volume mascara

Even though I’m technically on a spending ban until Black Friday sales, I had to break the rule in this instance. Since we don’t get many new brands in Slovenian market, I needed to try some products from Lotique brand. Today, I’m giving you my first impressions on two products – an eyeshadow palette and mascara.

Who is Lotique?

Lotique is a relatively new brand on the Slovenian market, only available in Europark Maribor and their online store. Shopping online in their store is easy, since it’s user friendly, easy to navigate and offers different methods of payment which is still very important in Slovenia. Lotique entered the market with skincare products in 2008 and only recently expanded their offer to make-up. They offer every make-up product you can imagine – for the face (primer, liquid foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer), eyes (individual shadows, palettes, mascaras), lips (lip gloss, lipstick and lip pencil) and a Flash line intended for teenagers, but in my opinion appropriate for everyone.

Lotique eyeshadow palette

Lotique makeup eyeshadow palette

Eyeshadow palette was the first thing to catch my attention while rummaging through the online store, especially since it looks different from most palettes I own. I’ve been trying it out for the past month and now it’s time to share my opinions with you. The palette costs 12,30€ and holds 12 shades meaning that each shade costs just a few cents over 1 Euro – you’ll be hard pressed to find a least expensive palette in the market.


Lotique makeup eyeshadow palette

Unfortunately, the packaging is one of the worst things about this palette. Truth be told, I wasn’t expecting much more because of the low price. The entire case is plastic and very light. The lid gives me the impression that it will break of eventually. Hopefully, that won’t happen, but this is definitely not a packaging that would withstand some serious trials.

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My Colourpop order finally arrived, two full packages of make-up just for me! In the beginning of May, Colourpop was celebrating their b-day by offering free international shipping and naturally I jumped at the chance. Although both my orders totaled under 22 € (which is the magic limit so you don’t have to pay VAT, in case you were wondering), Colourpop declared the value as much higher on the package and both packages were held and opened by our lovely Slovenian customs which cost me additional 5 € per package for their “control” and a whole lot of nerves. So this might be the last Colourpop order for a while…

Moja Colourpop paketka sta končno tu! Dve škatli, polni ličil, samo zame! V začetku maja je Colourpop praznoval rojstni dan in svoje uporabnice nagradil z brezplačno poštnino po vsem svetu, kar sem seveda izkoristila. Čeprav sta obe moji naročili znašali manj kot 22 € (kar je magična meja, da se izogneš plačilu DDV-ja), je Colourpop na paketka napisal višjo vrednost (brez popustov) in čudoviti gospodje na carini so se odločili, da je potrebno oba paketka nujno pregledati. To me je stalo še dodatnih 5 € na paket, kar me vsekakor niti najmanj ne navdušuje, zato bo verjetno to za nekaj časa tudi zadnje Colourpop naročilo.

Anyway, I ordered a bunch of different items and got them at a really good price and they even threw some additional gifts in there. Since I recently dyed my hair back to blonde from dark brown, I needed some new brow products to match my hair color. I chose both the pot and the pencil in the color Honey Blonde, which is a warm toned blonde. I must say it matches my brows quite well and doesn’t have any grey undertones which are so common with brow products for blondes. The pencil is especially great – a very slim tip makes for a precise application and the spoolie on the other side is very practical for a comb-through afterwards. The pot cost 6 $ and the pencil 5 $ which is really not a lot considering the amount of product you’re getting.  Verdict: 5/5 for both of these.

Naročila sem cel kup različnih izdelkov po super cenah, zraven pa dobila še nekaj darilc. Ker sem si pred kratkim lase iz temno rjave barve po nekaj letih ponovno pobarvala na blond, sem potrebovala tudi nove izdelke za obrvi. Izbrala sem pomado in svinčnik v odtenku Honey Blonde. Barva je za moje obrvi super, prav tako pa nima nobenih sivih podtonov, ki so tako značilni za svetle odtenke izdelkov za obrvi. Še posebej sem navdušena nad svinčnikom, ki ima izredno tanko konico za natačno vrisovanje dlačic, ščetka na drugi strani pa je prav tako koristna, da na koncu obrvi še natančno prečešem. Cena pomade je 6 $, svinčnika pa 5 $, kar se mi ne zdi veliko, sploh glede na to, da je v obojih kar velika količina izdelka. View Full Post