Best skincare products 2017 Blogmas

This Blogmas is not exactly off to a flying start, so today you’ll be enjoying more… artistic photos. But hey, we’re here to discuss skincare, not just look at it, right? Anyway, I apologize in advance ~ if it bothers you terribly, you can always click out of the post. If not, stick around and check out my top products in facial skincare in the past year. I’ll also link any previous related posts so you can catch up on any products you find more interesting.

Best skincare products 2017 – face cleansers

Best skincare products 2017 Blogmas Pixi + Caroline Hirons Natura Siberica

I was always the one to try and save money on face cleansers and in early 2017 I said – no more. My biggest investment so far was the Pixi + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse and let me tell you, it was worth every cent. I’m totally buying this again! It’s a two sided cleanser with solid cleansing oil (which I use to remove the make-up) and a cleansing cream (used for second cleaning) in one. You only need a tiny amount of each as this jar lasted me almost four months. It doesn’t sting my eyes, removes all the make-up perfectly and is overall fantastic. A definite winner of 2017. Another winner is the Natura Siberica Moisturizing Foam Eye Make-up remover. This was my first time trying out Natura Siberica product and I was very pleasantly surprised. This cleanser will remove most of your make-up (but not a waterproof mascara), will not sting your eyes (99 % natural) and will leave your face nice and clean. I really like that it comes out as a foam which is easily distributed all over my face. I need to do a proper post on this product but again, an absolute favorite.

Best skincare products 2017 – toning and serums

Best skincare products 2017 Blogmas The Ordinary

Our face is now clean, so let’s balance out the PH levels with the Bocassy Clean&Tone Tonic. This is my third bottle and I absolutely love it ~ you can read more about it *here*. Next, we need to give our skin some extra help to make it look young and beautiful. I use all kinds of serums, acids and so forth, but I really want to mention just a few that really work really well for me. First is The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2 % + B5 ~read more about it * here*. I don’t think skincare comes any less expensive then this. I’m sure you’ll be able to find better hyaluronic acids out there, but for just over 5 €, this works great for me. From The Ordinary, I also really enjoy their Salicylic Acid 2 % Solution. I apply this over any breakouts happening on my face and I swear that the healing process is a bit shorter then usual. Last The Ordinary product I want to talk about is the 100 % Plant-derived squalene. It creates a nice barrier on my skin, giving me that extra hydration I really need throughout the night. Along with these, I also enjoy my L’Oreal Revitalift Laser Renew. It’s an eye serum which has a cold metal applicator used to massage the serum into the skin. I don’t know what works better – the serum or the applicator, but on the nights I remember to use it, my under-eye area definitely looks plumper and less sad the next morning.

Best skincare products 2017 – oils and moisturizers

Best skincare products 2017 Blogmas L'Oreal Revitalift

My fave oil remains Yanumi ~ read more about it *here*. It’s cold pressed, 100 % organic and Slovenian, which I’ll always support. For moisturizers, I’m going back and forth between two of them. For daytime, I really like the La Roche-Posay Hydreane Riche moisturizer for sensitive skin. It doesn’t leave a film on my face and absorbs really quickly. That cannot be said for the L’Oreal Revitalift Laser Renew which is a really heavy night-time cream. And that’s exactly why I like it. I really want my face to be hydrated to maximum before I hit the sack and that’s one way to do it. This Revitalift cream has an interesting gel texture that is really pleasant on the face as well.

Best skincare products 2017 – mask, SPF and skin prep

Best skincare products 2017 Blogmas L'Oreal Mask Yanumi

I’m really partial to sheet masks right now, but I talk about them all the time, so this time, I wanted to mention the only “normal” mask in a jar that I really enjoy using. This is my second jar of L’Oreal Pure Clay Exfo Mask. It’s intended to exfoliate the skin and improve skin texture. I only apply it on the parts of my face where I can afford some more serious skin exfoliation and avoid the really dry areas, like the one around my nose and between my eyebrows. I can really see a difference after using this mask.

Best skincare products 2017 Blogmas Serozinc Mommy UV Gel

Best SPF of the year goes to Mommy! UV mild Gel SPF 30 which is alcohol-free, silicone-free and sinks into my skin effortlessly regardless of the moisturizer I’m wearing underneath. I really like the weightless feeling and the fact I don’t need to wait 10 minutes for it to dry enough for me to apply my make-up. Another winner in my book. Last but not least, I have to mention the La Roche-Posay Serozinc that I’ve been loving for the past month or so. It really makes a beautiful base for my make-up and I cannot imagine my life without it. You can read more about it *here*.

Overall, these are all products I’d highly recommend and I am really happy that I found them in 2017. I’ll continue using them until I get new products I need to try out, but I’m happy to know that I can fall back on these anytime if I’m experiencing skin issues and want to get my facial skincare in check.

Now, as the last order of business ~ I owe you the winner of the 10 products in my DIY advent calendar. The lucky winner who will receive 10 great Essence products is:  PATRICIJA VIDMAR. Patricija, congratulations, please send me your information. The rest, thank you for participating. New Blogmas giveaway is coming very, very soon! Until then, stay beautiful!

Melvita L'Or Bio bottle

2017 has definitely been a year of oils and Melvita L’Or Bio is the latest addition to my collection. When I first received it, I was intrigued by the statement that it’s a dry oil since I never tried anything like that before. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and I can honestly say that this might be one of those products that I’ll keep buying over and over again.

What is Melvita L’Or Bio

Melvita L'Or Bio bottle

First, let’s talk ingredients. Melvita L’Or Bio is a cocktail of five organic oils. First is the argan oil from Morocco, known for its skincare properties which I’m sure we’re all familiar with since it’s a common enough ingredient in skincare. Next oils are kendi oil from Indonesia and Inca Inchi oil from Peru that apparently have regenerating properties. I don’t think I’ve ever used any skincare with these two oils before. Buriti oil from Brazil nourishes the skin and gives it a healthy glow and the Pracaxi oil from Amazonia improves hair shine and strength.

How to use Melvita L’Or Bio

Melvita L'Or Bio bottle

I don’t think that you need any specific instructions, but still. I use 2-3 drops for my face as the last step in my evening routine. I notice that on the face, it takes the longest to sink in, but this is due to all other products I use beforehand. I also like applying a couple of drops to the ends of my hair after blow-drying them since it leaves a beautiful lingering scent. You could also apply it to the ends of your hair before drying them, of course. But what I’m most excited about is using it for my body. As I often discussed before, I rarely have time to apply moisturizer and wait for 10 minutes for it to dry. Now, I just apply this Melvita L’Or Bio and I’m ready to put my clothes on in a minute or two the most. My skin is really happy right now!

5 reasons to use Melvita L’Or Bio

Melvita L'Or Bio bottle cap

You mean, besides the amazing ingredients? First, the incredible smell which you’ll probably never get tired of. I cannot explain it in words, but I can assure you it’s absolutely amazing. Second, soft and luxurious looking hair. L’Or Bio gives the hair an amazing glow and emphasizes the hair color. My hair look silky, smooth and the blonde color really stands out. Thirdly, quick absorption which is important to many. If you live a quick paced life like me, then you’ll definitely appreciate the fact that you can get dressed minutes after applying it to your body.

Four, a tiny amount goes a long way. I won’t say that I don’t like drenching myself in body butter when I get the chance, but for everyday use, I much prefer using a few drops of the Melvita L’Or Bio to literally nourish my entire body. And finally, the softness of the skin. Since Melvita L’Or Bio is a dry oil, I really wasn’t expecting it to have the same magical result for my skin as the regular oils I occasionally use. Well, I was wrong. After use, my skin is incredibly soft and this feeling lingers for days at a time.

Would I recommend Melvita L’Or Bio?

Melvita L'Or Bio bottle

Well, if you have a face, body or hair (which I presume you do), then you’d definitely benefit from using this amazing, luxurious dry oil. Being 100 % natural is just the cherry on top! You can get it in Melvita online shop *here*. Right now, there’s a sale on the 100ml bottle so you can get it at -15 % for 28€. I know that this will be one of the gifts I’ll be giving away in the upcoming holidays.

Until next time, stay beautiful!


yanumi olje

Danes se bova odpravili v Afriko. No, ne čisto zares, tudi ne s prstom po zemljevidu, ampak z objavo o znamki in izdelkih, ki jih navdihuje prav črna celina, natančneje Gana in Maroko. Si pripravljena na dogodivščino po imenu… Yanumi?

Kdo ali kaj je Yanumi?

yanumi olje

Znamka Yanumi se je rodila v Gani, njeno ime pa v lokalnem jeziku pomeni Bog ljubi. Lepo, mar ne? Ustanovitelji znamke so leta ustvarjali in odkrivali različne načine uporabe karitejevega masla, njihovi prvi naravni izdelki iz te sestavine pa so pod znamko Yanumi luč sveta ugledali že leta 2011. Med potovanjem po Maroku se je rodila tudi ljubezen do naravnih olj za nego kože, ki so sedaj prav tako na voljo v asortimanu znamke.

Zakaj verjamem, da so izdelki kakovostni?

Pri Yanumi verjamejo v kakovostne surovine in vedo, kako iz njih dobiti kar največ.  Olja so hladno stiskana, kar je zame osebno prvi predpogoj, da olje sploh pustim blizu svojega obraza. Stiskanje s kemičnimi učinkovinami in visoko toploto namreč poškoduje bioaktivne spojine, s tem pa olje izgubi svojo naravno moč. Seveda pa je hladno stiskanje dolgotrajnejši postopek, zaradi česar so hladno stiskana olja takoj nekoliko dražja.

Yanumi izdelki so tudi brez konzervansov, barvil ali drugih sintetičnih dodatkov. Ponašajo se s certifikatoma bio in veganskih izdelkov, seveda pa se razume tudi, da so živalim prijazni.

Čudovita in praktična embalaža

yanumi olje

Embalaža me je navdušila na prvi pogled. Lična steklena steklenička je zaščitena z folijo v barvi sadeža, iz katerega je olje nastalo. Sama sem testirala avokadovo olje, zato je folija zelena, na njej pa so natisnjeni tipični afriški vzorci. Pod pokrovčkom se skriva pumpica na potisk, kar je moj najljubši način za doziranje praktično vsakega izdelka za nego kože.

Yanumi 100 % organsko avokadovo olje

yanumi olje

Sama sem se v poplavi vseh olj, ki so na voljo, kar malo izgubila, zato sem bila zelo vesela svetovanja, ki so mi ga pri znamki ponudili. Hitro smo ugotovili, da je za mojo kožo primerno šipkovo olje, ker pa sem to že dlje časa uporabljala, sem želela preizkusiti nekaj drugega. Ker sem stara že nekaj čez trideset let in mi prve gubice že grozijo, smo se tako skupaj odločili, da moja koža preizkusi avokadovo olje (12,50€ za 50ml, trenutno v super akciji kar 50% ceneje), ki kožo nahrani ter ji vrača prožnost, še posebej dobro pa je tudi za nežno kožo okrog oči. Pomaga tudi pri tvorbi kolagena, kar se mi je slišalo tako neverjetno, da sem med svojo mini raziskavo na to temo prebrala kar nekaj člankov. Razlaga je sicer nekoliko kompleksna, vendar študije to trditev potrjujejo, kar me izredno veseli, saj pri moji starosti proizvodnja kolagena v telesu že kar presneto peša in je vsaka spodbuda še kako dobrodošla.

Olje je nežno zelene barve, podobno kot olivno olje. Občutek na obrazu je prijeten, zdi pa se mi tudi, da se dokaj hitro vpije v prve plasti kože. Vseeno se mi zdi, da te moram opozoriti na dve stvari. Če ga boš uporabljala zvečer in nato svojega vzglavnika ne boš zaščitila, bo kmalu postal nežno zelen (kar mi lahko verjameš na besedo). Druga stvar, ki potrebuje opozorilo, pa je vonj. Ta sicer ni močan in hitro izgine, vendar pa je meni osebno takoj ob nanosu manj prijeten, kot na primer šipkovo ali kokosovo olje. Mene še najbolj spominja na vonj po svežem lesu.

Kako ga uporabljam?

yanumi olje

Že približno dva meseca avokadovo olje Yanumi predstavlja zadnji korak v moji večerni rutini obraza. Kaj uporabim pred tem, je odvisno od dneva in mojega počutja, vsekakor pa pred nanosom olja plastim vsaj hialuronsko kislino in kakšno čudežno žavbico, na primer azelaično kislino. Drugih serumov na oljni osnovi v kombinaciji z Yanumi oljem ne uporabljam, seveda pa to ni prepovedano.  Poleg tega olje uporabljam še za hranjenje moje uboge suhe obnohtne kožice. Čeprav na strani olje priporočajo tudi pred ali po sončenju, saj naj bi z naravnim zaščitnim faktorjem 2 do 3 ščitilo tvojo kožo, ti sončenja samo s to zaščito ne priporočam – saj veš zakaj, mar ne?

Katero olje pa je pravo zate?

Ker ima vsaka od nas različno kožo, nam ustrezajo tudi različna olja. V sodelovanju z Yanumi torej danes v nagradni igri podarjam olje po lastni izbiri. Kaj to pomeni? Srečna nagrajenka bo prejela svetovanje s strani Yanumi – lahko jim boš pojasnila, kakšna je tvoja koža in kakšne težave te pestijo, morda poslala tudi kakšno fotografijo, gospodične pa ti bodo pomagale izbrati olje, ki bo najboljše za tvojo kožo. Fino, ne?

Če želiš v nagradni igri sodelovati, moraš izpolniti le tri pogoje:

1) na Facebooku všečkati strani Yanumi  ~ na njihovi spletni strani pa si lahko že sedaj ogledaš, katero olje bi izbral/a zase

2) na Facebooku všečkati mojo stran Low Maintenance Beauty ter

3) v komentarju pod tem zapisom pustiti sporočilo, zakaj bi rada preizkusila olje Yanumi.

Izpolnjevanje vseh treh pogojev je nujno za sodelovanje v nagradni igri. Nagradna igra je odprta samo za prebivalce in prebivalke Slovenije. Žrebanje bo potekalo v sredo,20.9. zvečer, nagrajenec ali nagrajenka bo objavljen/a na moji Facebook strani v četrtek, 21.9. Želim ti veliko sreče!