Every once in a while, I come across a make-up item that I immediately associate to a certain season. One of such are the Avon Glow pearls that waited patiently in my closet for summer to come. Now, I use them every single day.

Občasno se v moji zbirki ličil najde kakšen izdelek, ki ga neposredno povezujem z določenim letnim časom. Eden takšnih so tudi Avon Glow biserčki, ki so v moji omari potrpežljivo čakali na poletje, sedaj pa ne mine dan, da jih ne bi uporabila.

Avon Glow pearls are packed in a small jar which is just the right size that I can attack them with a brush but they can’t fly out during that process. When i received them, they were protected by a foam cover so they wouldn’t get shattered during transport. They have a very light floral scent that I don’t mind at all.

Avon Glow biserčki so pakirani v majhnem lončku, dovolj majhnem, da iz njega ne pobegnejo, ko se jih lotim s čopičem. Ko sem jih prejela, so bili na vrhu zaščiteni s peno, da se ne bi poškodovali med pošiljanjem. Všeč mi je rahel cvetlični vonj, ki pa ni premočan.

I use two shades – Radiant Glow (left) and Pink Bronze (right).

Sama uporabljam dva odtenka, in sicer Radiant Glow (levo) in Pink Bronze (desno).

Radiant Glow pearls are a bit darker so I use them for a little bronzing action. They contain micro glitter that gives the skin a nice healthy glow which is why I consider this to be a summer product. There are two colors of pearls in the jar – dark pink pearls and light brown pearls, sort of moccha color.

Kroglice v odtenku Radiant Glow so nekoliko temnejše in jih sama uporabljam kot nežen bronzer. Vsebujejo tudi mikro bleščice, ki koži podarijo nekaj sijaja in svež izgled. Prav zato se mi zdijo še posebej primerne za poletje. V škatlici sta zmešana dva odtenka kroglic, in sicer temnejše roza kroglice in svetlo rjave kroglice, podobne barve kot kava z mlekom. View Full Post

I’ve been promising to do a review of this palette for ages, since it’s my go-to contour palette which I use on a daily basis. You can also tell from the photos below it’s being well loved. So I decided that I’ll do a quick review with swatches on a Friday, since this palette is absolutely a favorite of mine.

The palette is unfortunately hard to come by if you’re from Europe. It’s sold at Sephora for 46 $ which is a reasonable price IMO considering the amount of product you’re getting (it’s about 2,3g of lighter shades and twice as much for the darker ones).

The packaging itself is a cardboard one with the famous Kat Von D lettering. It has a magnetic closing system all around the palette. I find this palette brilliant for traveling, since there is no way it will break on you. I also love the huge mirror inside. On the downside, the cardboard gets quite dirty so if you hate to clean your make-up all the time to keep it pretty, that’s one thing to keep in mind. View Full Post

It’s Wednesday and with it comes the opportunity for us to talk about new products in the stores. You can already get your hands on Essence Beach House collection (*click* to see the whole thing), but you’ll have to wait a bit longer for Sumer Fun collection (*click*) to hit the shelves.

I was very excited for the Beach House collection because of new and innovative products. I fell head over heels in love with the duo blush Give Me Some Vitamin Sea! – it’s a vibrant pink color and incredibly well pigmented. I also have high appreciation for the beach glow fluid. I wouldn’t necessarily use it all over my body (but if you’re going clubbing, you should definitely do that), but I used it as a highlighter and it was absolutely beautiful. View Full Post