Avon Mark

I am quite partial to Avon Mark line as you may well know if you’ve been following my posts for a while. I love the visual elements of the brand with the stunning black and white prints and combinations that look great both live and on the photos. Since I’ve tried quite a few of their products by now, I chose the top (and some flop) products to talk about today.

Linija Mark pri znamki Avon je ena tistih, do katerih sem nekoliko pristranska – tiste, ki me berete že dlje časa, veste zakaj. Pri znamki mi je izredno všeč tudi celostna podoba, saj so izdelki v črno-belih printih in kombinacijah res čudoviti (in čudovito izgledajo tudi na fotografijah). Ker sem preizkusila že kar nekaj njihovih izdelkov, sem za današnjo objavo izbrala tiste, ki so me navdušili, pa tudi tiste, ki mi niso najbolj pri srcu.


Avon Mark Plump It Lipstick

Let’s start with the lipsticks since I already wrote about them *here*. Mark Plump-it lipsticks are absolutely gorgeous, soft and comfortable on the lips. They are also quite long wearing as I can usually get away with re-applying only once every four hours. My favorite shades are Divine Wine, Reddy to go and Rose Kisses.

Začniva kar s šminkami, o katerih sem že podrobneje pisala *tu*. Mark Plump-it šminke so naravnost čudovite, mehke in prijetne na ustnicah, za standardno šminko pa tudi kar dobro obstojne, saj na mojih ustnicah zdržijo tudi do štiri ure. Moji najljubši odtenki so Divine Wine, Reddy to Go in pa Rose Kisses.

Avon Mark Plump-it lip gloss

Unfortunately, I’m less impressed by Avon Mark Plump-it lip gloss which is supposed to give you a look of full and plumped-up lips. I wasn’t able to figure out the exact active ingredient (my money is on peppermint) but the tingling that comes with the use is absolutely something I don’t enjoy at all. The shade Mauve is gorgeous to wear independently or over a regular lipstick, but I don’t think we should sacrifice feeling comfortable just to look pretty – do you?

Avon Mark plump it lip gloss

Na žalost sem manj navdušena nad Avon Mark Plump-it lip glossi, ki naj bi ob uporabi dali videz bolj polnih, napetih in sočnih ustnic. Čeprav mi ne uspe izbrskati, kaj naj bi bila glavna učinkovina, glede na skelenje ob uporabi sklepam, da gre morda za poprovo meto. V vsakem primeru meni občutek ni prijeten – barva Mauve je sicer čudovita samostojno ali ob nanosu preko šminke, vendar pa sama menim, da za lepoto ni potrebno žrtvovati udobja. Kakšno pa je tvoje mnenje o tem? View Full Post

Usually, I don’t really care about how my make-up looks on the outside. Sure, I want the packaging to be sturdy and not leak, but “pretty” or “cute” are not words I use to describe the visuals very often.

But you know what? Lancome Juicy Shaker looks like a little tumbler that needs to be “shaken, not stirred” and is one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a long while!

Although I would normally associate the phrase “flavored lip gloss” with something I’d wear in high school, I was kind of intrigued what the hype is all about. This lip gloss pairs nourishing oils with pigments, meaning it gives a soft glow and tint to your lips while keeping them nourished. View Full Post

This lip gloss was one of the things I ordered for myself on my b-day. I was browsing randomly through Beauty Bay and it looked so pretty I couldn’t pass it up.

Now let me tell you, it gave me quite a fright. Once I received the package, I went into the bathroom to apply it and see how it looks. I brought the tube up to my face, and then, this happened.

I dropped the entire thing into the sink, but luckily, it survived. I really need to pay more attention to what I’m ordering and not only look at »alll the pweeety colors«.

The whole packaging is really sturdy. I like that the tube is rectangular, so it doesn’t slide around. As you can see from the photo, the wand has built-in LED lights which make for an easy and precise application, be it daytime or night time. It does look slightly tacky, but I personally do like it a lot. Also, it’s new invention – several companies have come out with similar packaging before.

The tube also has a small mirror on one side. It’s not the best mirror I’ve ever seen, but it does come in handy when you only want to bring your lipgloss with you.

The applicator is doe shaped, which is my favorite. It’s really easy to apply and doesn’t run, but for the darker shades, I would recommend using a lip pencil with it, just to make for that perfect, sharp edge.

The color Candy Apple is stunning – a true red with a hint of a pink undertone. The gloss is very pigmented, so I only apply this color in one layer. It’s not as sticky as some other lip glosses I own, but naturally, it’s not going to be as dry as a normal lipstick.

Going for 20 EUR, this is not the cheapest lip product out there, but you can regularly spot special promotions on Beauty Bay for this particular brand.