My top 5 Catrice

Lately, I’ve been noticing I’m being really unfair to the products I use all the time and love the most. These mostly only come up in my monthly or yearly favorites and in empties, but they never really get the same spotlight the new products do. So today, I’m going to rectify this injustice by writing about my top 5 products from one of my favorite brands, Catrice.

My top 5 #1: Catrice Prime and fine Make-up Transformer drops  – lightening drops

My top 5 Catrice Prime&Fine transforming drops posvetlitvene kapljice

Lightening drops are a must for all of us who use SPF throughout the year. In Slovenia, we also seldomly get the lightest shades of foundations so some mixing is often necessary. These Catrice Prime and Fine drops have a yellow undertone so you probably won’t like them if you have a pink undertone. You will need quite a lot of them to really transform the shade completely, but I prefer that to having a liquid foundation slowly dying in my drawers because it’s too dark.

My top 5 #2: Catrice HD Liquid Coverage foundation (010 – Light Beige)

My top 5 Catrice HD Liquid Coverage

This HD Liquid Coverage foundation is a typical example of a foundation I wouldn’t be able to use without lightening drops. It makes a lovely matte finish on the skin but is not too heavy and doesn’t give the skin that cakey look. It’s applied with a dropper, which I can appreciate, and you’ll be getting a ton of foundation for your money. On the other side, there are only four shades available and they do oxidise to a certain extent, so make sure to try it out first before you buy it. Still, the perfect finish on the skin makes it one of my favorite foundations of all times.

My top 5 #3: Catrice Ultimate Matte lipstick (From Rose with Love)

My top 5 Catrice ultimate matte šminka

Before trying the Ultimate Matte Catrice lipsticks I’d easily say that I’ll always choose a liquid lipstick over a classic lipstick. Well, now I have changed my opinion. The formula of this lipsticks is light on the lips, really opaque, has a 100 % matte finish and really good staying power for a classic lip. It wears down evenly but needs to be refreshed once every while like every other lipstick does. All further applications are not an issue as the formula wears down very evenly over the lips.

My top 5 #4: Catrice Soleil D’Ete bronzer

My top 5 Catrice Soleil D'ete bronzer

Do I feel guilty for including a limited edition item into my favorites? Yes, I do, but I have a good reason for doing so. I’m simply including this bronzer as a tip that you definitely should look through powder face products if you’re ever near a Catrice stand. This bronzer is super pigmented so it will probably last me for years to come. The shade is perfect for everyday bronzing if you’re not too tan, because it’s not too orange. Personally, I find it a close dupe for Tarte Park Avenue Princess bronzer.

My top 5 #5: Catrice Prime and Fine Smoothing refiner

My top 5 Catrice Prime and fine primer

Catrice Prime and Fine Smoothing refiner is a silicone primer. I have about ten of these in my drawers but this one is special because it really fills in the small imperfections and textures. This is especially important on the cheekbones when I apply a heavier blush or a liquid highlighter that draw out imperfections even more. It makes a lovely satin finish and the liquid foundation applies like a dream. Not convinced yet? Perhaps you will be by the fact that this is my third jar of this primer and I have three back-ups on hand (just in case).

I could go on an on about products I love with catrice: the IcoNails nail polishes (review *here*), blushes and mascaras (*read more here*), eyeshadow palettes that are super affordable and so forth. But these top 5 products are really the ones I would continue buying over and over again. What’s your favorite Catrice product? Tell me in the comments below and also don’t forget to mention other brands you’d like me to do this Top 5 post on. Until next time, stay beautiful!


Golden Rose matte lipsticks are all the rage right now. Golden Rose just released a bunch of new shades of liquid matte lipsticks and the social media in Slovenia have gone crazy over them. I already discussed my opinion on GR liquid matte lipsticks once before (you can read about it *here*) but I often get asked about other matte lippies by Golden Rose. So here is the long promised and awaited post of matte lipstick vs. matte lipstick vs. matte lipstick.

Golden Rose mat tekoče šminke so v Sloveniji ogromen hit. Pred dnevi so v kolekcijo dodali še cel kup novih odtenkov in družbena omrežja so eksplodirala od navdušenja nad njimi. Sama sem o tekočih Golden Rose mat šminkah že pisala (mnenje si lahko prebereš *tu*), vendar pa me bralke pogosto sprašujete tudi, kakšno je moje mnenje o drugih mat šminkah te znamke. Zato danes končno objavljam dolgo pričakovano objavo o troboju med tremi Golden Rose mat variantami šmink.

Let’s start with the classic I talked about above – the Golden Rose Longstay Liquid Matte Lipstick (photo: shade 11). Unlike most of my blogger colleagues, I’m really not a fan of this formula since it has a strong vanilla scent that really bothers me when I’m wearing it. I also find the applicator too big for precise application. Granted, once it’s on your lips, it will last a long time and is pretty comfortable to wear, but I simply don’t enjoy it as much as I hoped I would.

Začniva s klasiko, o kateri sem govorila že zgoraj – Golden Rose Longstay Liquid Matte Lipstick (na fotografiji odtenek 11). Za razliko od večine blogerskih kolegic nisem ljubiteljica te formule, saj ima močan vonj po vaniliji, ki me moti ves čas nošenja te šminke. Prav tako se mi zdi aplikator prevelik za natančen nanos, ki ga tekoče šminke seveda zahtevajo. Res je, da je obstojnost dobra in je v primerjavi z mnogimi tekočimi šminkami formula dokaj udobna, vendar pa mi žal ta šminka ni tako všeč, kot sem upala. View Full Post