Project pan 2018

Here’s the story. I tried project pan last year and failed miserably. Why? Because I chose products I mostly hate. Nobody wants to apply such products to their face every single day, right? So this year, I’m doing it differently. I chose 10 products that I like but which have been in my collection way too long. I’m not including any mascaras, because I have never used up a mascara in my life – I only toss them once they dry out or don’t work properly anymore, which is usually around the six months mark.

Project pan 2018 SHELF LIFE

These days, when every beauty vlogger on YouTube is boasting their huge collections, it’s important to remind ourselves that make-up actually expires and we have to use it up while it’s still good. Expired products can give you skin issues or even cause bigger complications, especially those which are used on the eyes or the mouth.

Five of these will be a piece of cake. Five of these will not. But I will try my best. I’ll update you here after six months and every month or so on Instagram – don’t forget to follow me there. So without further ado, here are my 10 products that I’ll try to use up in 2018. I’ll start with the easiest one and work my way up according to how difficult I feel each product will be.

Project pan 2018 #1: Essence Fresh&Fit primer

Project pan 2018 Essence primer

I use primer on a daily basis and I really like this one, especially for spring and summer as it gives me some extra glow. I normally use up quite a few bottles of primer each year so this one should be a piece of cake.

Project pan 2018 #2: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation

Project pan 2018 Chanel Vitalumiere aqua foundation

This foundation has been in my drawer longer than I care to admit. It’s a lightweight foundation with light coverage so I’ll probably wear it around the weekend. I usually prefer medium coverage for workdays. It’s hard to tell from the bottle, but I think there are about three quarters left in there. Goal for the product: use it up completely.

Project pan 2018 #3: Collection contour kit

Project pan 2018 collection contour kit

I bought the The Collection contour kit in Ireland over two years and it’s getting a bit tired. I don’t care for the highlight, but the contour color is really good because it’s dark and neutral. Goal for this product: use up the entire contour pan. I don’t think it’ll be that hard, to be honest

Project pan 2018 #4: Trend It Up Contour & Glide lip liner  – 400

Project pan 2018 trend it up lip liner

This is one of my go-to lip liners for many of the lipsticks I wear on everyday basis. It’s a great nude color with the tiniest hint of pink undertone. This Trend It Up lip liner doesn’t have the best staying power, but I like to wear it with lippies or alone combined with a lip gloss. I don’t think it will be a problem to use it up entirely in 2018 since it’s quite soft and consequently goes down much quicker then a regular pencil liner.

Project pan 2018 #5: Lancome Juicy Shaker – Mangoes Wild

Project pan 2018 Lancome Juicy Shaker

This juicy shaker is another product I’ve been carrying around for a while now. I feel like I’ve used it quite a bit, but when looking at the level in the bottle, I’ve actually used only about a tenth. Consequently, I’m not buying the matte shaker until I’ve used this one up. And I really want the matte Juicy Shaker, so that’s the deal I’m making with myself. Goal: use the entire bottle. View Full Post

I’ll admit that my make-up collection isn’t exactly tiny. And also, I don’t really like thinking about it as a collection. I have more make-up than the average woman so I can compare products when I review them, but I really don’t want to hoard my make-up to the point where I no longer have anywhere to put it. Consequently, I decided that for the first time I’ll try to use up some of the products in the upcoming year.

Priznam – moja zbirka ličil ni ravno majhna. In o njej nerada razmišljam kot o zbirki. Seveda imam več ličil kot povprečna ženska, predvsem zato, da jih lahko med seboj primerjam, ko jih ocenjujem, vendar pa si v resnici ne želim toliko ličil, da ne bi vedela, kam z njimi. Posledično sem se letos prvič odločila, da bom nekaj izdelkov namensko skušala porabiti do konca tekom leta 2017.

The first product is the Catrice Chocolate Nudes Palette – you can find the review and more photos *here*. The biggest issue I have with small palettes is there is always something missing – a light matte shade for under the browbone, a shimmery shade for the inner corner or a good neutral crease color. This palette has it all so I can use it alone, but I simply don’t remember about it often enough. Hopefully, I’ll be able to use up the whole thing since all the shades are lovely and well pigmented.

Prvi izdelek je Catrice Chocolate Nudes paletka – oceno in več slik lahko najdeš *tu*. Problem manjših paletk je, da jim vedno nekaj manjka – bodisi svetla mat senčka za pod obrvi, bodisi svetlikajoč odtenek za v kotiček očesa, bodisi dobra nevtralna barva za v pregib očesa. Ta paletka ima prav vse to, zato jo lahko uporabljam tudi samostojno, vendar se premalokrat spomnim nanjo. Upam, da mi jo bo uspelo porabiti v celoti, saj so prav vsi odtenki zelo lepi in dobro pigmentirani. 

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