La-Roche Posay Serozinc

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For years, La-Roche Posay was on my “no buy” list simply because of one reason – I didn’t want to embarrass myself in the pharmacy by pronouncing it the wrong way. Well, nowadays we’ve got internet that can tell us how to pronounce something and if you still don’t trust it, you can always buy La-Roche Posay products off the internet. I tend to buy it in pharmacies because they have some knowledge of the product and can offer valuable advice if I feel like I need it.

La-Roche Posay Serozinc is a solution for oily and problematic skin. It helps with soothing inflammations and helps to heal your skin, especially if you get too excited when tackling some small pimple on your skin or if you get an inflammation after shaving. But first and foremost, it’s used to contain the oily skin on our faces and visibly reduce pores.

La-Roche Posay Serozinc

La-Roche Posay Serozinc comes in a form of spray that you apply after cleaning your face in the morning and wait for it to dry, before applying anything else on top of it. It’s a solution of zinc sulfate that’s supposed to help with sebum production and mattify the skin. It’s completely without any odor. Once Serozinc dries completely, you can continue with your daily routine.

La-Roche Posay Serozinc

I wouldn’t really recommend using La-Roche Posay Serozinc during the night because I think that our skin should be left free to regulate sebum production as it sees fit while we sleep. If we don’t let it to that, it might become even angrier and we wouldn’t want that, now would we? I’ll definitely report back on how Serozinc performed on my skin. Until next time, stay beautiful!

autumn beauty products

Today, I’d like to share 10 beauty products that are entering my skincare routine this autumn and that I’m personally very excited about.


autumn beauty products Vichy The Ordinary

Heating takes its toll on my skin and I often notice it becoming more dehydrated and the pores getting more and more enlarged – almost as if they’re trying to suck all the moisture out of the air? This year, I’ll be battling the dehydration with The Ordinary 2 % hyaluronic acid. This acid is normally present in our skin but we can replace it when we feel that our body cannot hold enough moisture. Don’t forget to lock it in place with an oil based product, be it a cream or a pure facial oil – my favorite right now is Yanumi! I’m also bringing back the Vichy Pore Purifying Clay Mask that comes in this nifty two-use packaging. It contains two mineral clays and I always feel like it sucks the impurities right off my face. I usually buy my Vichy products at the pharmacy.


autumn beauty products L'Occitane Terre de Lumiere L'Oreal Mythic Oil

L’Occitane is always present in my skincare. In autumn days, I prefer heavier scents and oily shower gel since I fell they give more moisture to my skin. This fall, I’ll be using the L’Occitane Terre de Lumiere shower gel that comes from the perfume line Terre de Lumiere. The perfume itself is a bit strong for me, but the shower gel and body lotion have a more gentle smell which is very pleaseant. Another product that is always in my routine is the L’Oreal Professionel Mythic Oil. I always apply some to my hair while they’re wet. Ocasionally, I’ll warm a few drops between my fingers and apply them to the ends of my hair when they feel particularly dry. After use, my hair are soft and shiny.


Catrice Brown Collection autumn beauty products

If you haven’t had enough of the Catrice Brown Collection polishes on my Instagram, here they are again. These are not colors that I’d wear in the summer but the earthy tones are perfect for fall and winter. I have three out of five shades in the collection – left to right they are 01 Fashion Addicted, 03 Goddess of Bronze and 02 Sophisticated Vogue. The formula is quite thick so one coat will do. I like that because it usually means my manicure will last a bit longer.


autumn beauty products Golden Rose Paese, Trend it Up, Physician's formula

I like my make-up to be a bit softer in the colder months. Although the Physician’s Formula MuruMuru Butter Bronzer smells like coconut and reminds me of summer, it’s still lighter then most of my bronzers and gives me that slightly sunkissed look. I’ll also be reaching for Golden Rose highlighting stick (Bright gold). This cream highlighter is really soft and blends out beautifully. If I’m going for a more striking look, I’ll apply it twice, but otherwise two gentle sweeps on top of the cheekbones will do the job. Don’t forget – always apply cream products before setting your face, otherwise it can look quite unnatural.

In the summer, I barely use any blush, but now the Trend It Up powder blush (020) is making a comeback to my everyday make-up routine. The formula of these blushes is great, very gentle and blends out nicely. On top of that, the price is great as well. Last but not least, let’s not forget about a good primer. I usually stay away from silicone primers in the summer (since they do nothing for wear time of my foundation), but I tend to like them in the colder months. Paese make-up base is the first one on my list. Paese is a polish brand that’s been impressing me with their products lately and this primer is definitely one of them!

autumn beauty products


autumn beauty products autumn lipstick colors

When speaking of autumn lips, I think of darker colors, but I also like to include at least one shade that I can just pop on and leave the building. This time, this will be the job of Avon lipstick (Extreme Mauve) which is a nice pink shade but not too crazy to wear around the office. Among reds, I chose the NYX Gloss (True Red). For special occasions and walks around town, I’ll go for the Catrice by Dawid Tomaszewski in the shade C01. These are great lipsticks for a great price!

autumn beauty products autumn lipstick colors

These are the products that I’m going to be using for the next couple of months. Have you tried any of them yet? I’d also love to hear about at least one product you cannot imagine autumn without. Until next time, stay beautiful!

Sunny days are finally here and this year, they caught me by surprise. Since I spend most of my days cooped up in the office, I’m always excited for the months with longer days when I get to spend some time outside in the sun after work. Naturally, I make sure not to expose my skin to the sun when it’s at its strongest. I use SPF cream on my face throughout the entire year and always make sure to put SPF on my body at least half an hour before sun exposure. If you want to read more about appropriate sun protection and the reasons why it’s so important, make sure to read *this* post I wrote last summer.

Sonček nas je že kar dodobra pobožal in vsaj mene osebno prijetno presenetil. Ker sem večino dni zaprta v pisarni, sem vesela mesecev, ko se dnevi podaljšajo in lahko ure po službi izkoristim, da svoje telo malce nastavim sončnim žarkom. Seveda tudi poleti pazim, da se soncu ne izpostavljam, ko je to najmočnejše, kremo z SPF na obrazu uporabljam skozi celo leto, vsaj pol ure, preden se odpravim ven, pa tudi preostale izpostavljene dele zaščitim s sončno kremo. V kolikor želiš o primerni zaščiti in temu, zakaj je ta tako pomembna, prebrati več, ti v branje predlagam moj lanski zapis o sončenju (skriva se *tukaj*).


Super tanned skin hasn’t been in trend for a couple of years now, but I don’t mind getting at least a bit of color. This year, I got to test a product that will get me to a nice looking bronze skin quicker, meaning shorter exposure to sun rays – the Mirta tanning butter. I already wrote about Mirta deodorant *here* so I’ll only repeat myself quickly: it’s a Croatian brand from the island of Lošinj that produces completely natural products. I only disovered the brand this year and I’m very impressed with their products so far.

Zagorela polt že nekaj let ni preveč in, vendar sama nimam nič proti temu, da tekom poletja dobim vsaj malo barve. Letos sem imela možnost testirati super izdelek, ki bo poskrbel, da bom lahko malo tena pridobila hitreje (kar pomeni tudi krajše izpostavljanje sončnim žarkom) – Mirta maslo za sončenje. O znamki Mirta sem že pisala *tu*, če pa na kratko ponovim – gre za hrvaško znamko z otoka Lošinja, ki izdeluje popolnoma naravne izdelke in mene osebno zadnje čase kar precej navdušuje.

Mirta tanning butter (100ml) is made out of 100 % natural ingredients and also carries a bit of natural SPF protection (6-8). If you’re not in the mood to read my previous posts, I’ll repeat myself here: I don’t think that SPF 6-8 is high enough protection for sun exposure. Personally, I recommend using SPF 30 or more. Mirta tanning butter could only serve as a protective agent for everyday errands when the periods of sun exposure are very short and random  – quick walk from the bus station to the office or a brisk stroll to the nearest bank. I use this product over a sun cream with SPF and I recommend you use it the same way.

Mirta maslo za sončenje (100ml) je narejeno iz izključno naravnih sestavin in vsebuje tudi nekaj malega naravne SPF zaščite, natančneje SPF 6-8. Če se ti ne ljubi brati mojih preteklih objav, naj še tu jasno povem, da se meni to nikakor ne zdi dovolj visoka zaščita za izpostavljanje soncu in tu, odvisno od tvoje polti, sama priporočam izdelke z SPF 30 ali več. Mirta maslo za sončenje lahko samostojno uporabiš morda le za šolski ali pisarniški vsakdan, ko je izpostavitev nog in rok na sonce zgolj naključna in hitra – hiter sprehod od avtobusne postaje do pisarne, skok okrog vogala na banko in tako dalje. Gre torej za izdelek, ki ga sama nanašam preko kreme z zaščitnim faktorjem in takšno uporabo priporočam tudi tebi. View Full Post