Melvita Argan Concentrate Pur

In the past few years, I’ve been noticing changes on my face. These changes don’t have so much to do with my lifestyle as with…well.. my age. I’ll be turning 34 in a couple of months. Therefore, I’m happy to test out new serums, creams and all other products that could contribute to my skin keeping as much youthful appearance as possible for years to come.

Melvita Argan Concentrate Pur – a cream-oil for youthful appearance is a face cream that got me hooked after only a couple of weeks of use. It’s fomulated with 5 % argan oil and promises to reduce the appearance of fine lines, tighten the skin and improve the contours of the face. 99 % of all ingredients are natural and 25 % of them come from ecological farming.

Melvita Argan Concentrate Pur

My skin is mixed and I was slightly concerned that with that much argan oil, it will not work through the day. For a few weeks, I only used it in my night time routine. I quickly learned I have little to worry about – the cream absorbs very quickly and doesn’t leave an oily film on your face. I can attest that it’s appropriate for mixed skin as well, but if your skin is dry, I’m sure it would love this cream even more!

You only need a tiny amount for each application. I’ve been using this 50ml jar since November twice a day and I’ve still got about a months’ use left. In the spring and summer months, I’ll reach for some other cream, perhaps one with more moisturizing performance to really give my skin that extra boost in the warm weather. If you have dry skin, this cream would be appropriate throughout the year.

Melvita Argan Concentrate Pur

If you want to try out the Melvita Argane Concentrate Pur, it’s available *here* for 42€. You can also get a discount by applying for their newsletter.

Melvita Argan Concentrate Pur

Melvita Argan Concentrate Pur cream is one of those products I’ll probably keep going back to again and again. I find that having such reliable products in my “arsenal” is extremely important as I test many new products which often irritates my skin a lot.

Until next time, stay beautiful!


I still get the giggles when remembering a giveaway about a year ago. To participate, you needed to fill out a short quiz about me (very modest, I know) and one of the questions on the list was to name my favorite stores. Each single participant remembered to name L’Occitane – for a good reason. I think that I write about their products almost as often as I venture in their shops.

Še danes se zabavam, ko se spomnim nagradne igre pred dobrim letom dni. Za sodelovanje je bilo potrebno sodelovanje v kratkem kvizu o meni (kako prevzetno, mar ne?) in eno od vprašanj je bilo, v katerih trgovinah najraje nakupujem. Takrat prav nobena od vas ni pozabila na znamko L’Occitane in to z razlogom – na mojem blogu namreč gostuje skoraj tako pogosto, kot jaz gostujem v njihovih trgovinah.


In my spring favorites (find the post *here*), I was writing about the L’Occitane almond milk concentrate for firmer and smoother skin. It’s one of my favorite L’Occitane products and at least one jar of this magical cream is always somewhere in my home. Then, I got a message that a new and improved formula is hitting the shelves in May. Can you imagine my excitement? How could this product get any better? Ladies at L’Occitane obviously knew about my addicition and kindly provided me this new cream that I’ve been using for the past three months.

Že v spomladanskih naj izdelkih (objava se skriva *tu*) sem pisala o mandljevem mlečnem koncentratu za učvrščevanje in glajenje kože. Gre za enega mojih najljubših izdelkov znamke L’Occitane in v mojem domu nikoli ne manjka vsaj en lonček te čudovite kremice. Potem pa je prišlo obvestilo, da na police z majem prihaja nova, še izboljšana formula in seveda me je izredno zanimalo, kako je lahko tak super izdelek sploh še boljši? Gospodične so bile očitno seznanjene z mojo odvisnostjo in mi v testiranje prijazno poslale en lonček kremice, ki me sedaj spremlja že skoraj tri tedne. View Full Post

I love me a good face wash and while I’m normally using the Mirati face wash these days, I was cleaning out my cabinet and realized that I actually had quite a few uses left in the Ole Henriksen African red tea foaming cleanser – it was just hiding in the back and I forgot about it. 

Anyway, I decided to start using it again and I remembered how much I loved this since the day I got it. It’s a foam cleanser that is easy to massage into damp skin and simply rinse off. It contains anti-oxidants from the red tea which is another bonus.

I see that it gets my skin really clean and ready for my make-up routine. But more importantly, it wakes me up in the morning – an instant refresher, if you will. The smell is simply amazing and really rejuvenating. It could probably also be used to remove make-up, but I tend to do that with less expensive products and only save this one for my morning routine. 

The product is not tested on animals and without parabens and sulphate-free.

The downside of this amazing product? The price. A 207ml bottle that will actually not last that long (probably 2 months or so) will set you back about 32€ on Look Fantastic website.